Monday, January 26, 2009

My Dad is finally legal retirement age! Happy 65th!

So my Dad turned 65 on the 22nd, and Friday the 23rd the girls didn't have school so Madi and I baked and decorated a cake and then the girls and I delivered it and a present to my folks that day. We had a little birthday celebration with my Dad that included Cake and ice cream, presents/cards, and even party games! It was really cute. A little elementary for my Dad, but he loved it because the girls had a blast! (so did he;)
After the celebrating, Dad sat down at his art bench with Madison and decided to teach him the ways of Bob Ross 101. Here they are working on their masterpiece. At one point Madison exclaimed, "oh Danget, I made a mistake!" to which he replied, " That's okay Madi, there are no mistakes, only happy little changes." It was hilarious especially since he was totally straight faced and serious. He had watched too many Bob Ross instructional videos I think.... The Man....................The Legend
Their final piece! I thought it turned out pretty dang good!
Sunday night We then had The family members that could make it over, and My folks great friends, Dave and Cynthia Moore. We had Homemade Venison Chili and cornbread and afterwards The girls put on a hula performance. Here are the girls teaching their Uncle's and Aunts a little hula.
Bj, Casey, and Tamara................Their a little special............We don't take them out to the public very often.
As I said before................................... Very special
The Spectators.............................Dave, and Dad.....Mom and Cynthia
And of course, Uncle Ricco is in the H-O-U-S-E!! Pimpin it up Bob Ross Style! (As he would say) All in All a very fun weekend with the Family. Just wish the entire family could have been there! Hope 65 is a Great year for you Dad! We love and appreciate all you have done for your Family and the example you have set for all of us!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dakota's attempt to potty training herself!

So I Hear the toilet flushing over and over again the other day, and what I walk into is Dakota, in my bathroom stripped down, wearing her snowboots, practicing wiping and flushing. She is quite obsessed with the whole process as she had done it probably more than 20 times in a row. I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pictures, and of course she became quite the ham so that's why she is posing. Should I be worried about this?........ K I'll try not to. Anyway, She definitely is missing the most important piece of the process since when she was finished flushing away half a roll of tp she went out into the hallway and peed on the carpet! I then cleaned up the mess and put her in the tub. After that I put a diaper on her and let her run and play only to later find that she had then taken off that diaper in the family room and pooped on the floor in there. As I was cleaning up that mess we found another pee puddle in the girls room! Holy Cow she is worse than a dog!!!!!!! Good thing your cute Dakota, Good thing your cute!

Monday, January 12, 2009

(This was a few years ago at Christmas time. We were in a nativity, and he was Joseph, so I got him all dressed up and wanted to take his picture but he made me wait so he could get his AK. He thought it finished off his look much better. Explains his sense of humor a bit.)

Okay so I know our blog title is retarded:) Let me explain..... If you knew us well, then you would totally get it, but some of you may not. We call Rick Ricco......There again if you knew him you would totally get it, but since some of you don't, just know the nickname fits him well. He is the man of the house, the Patriarch of the Fam and most the family jokes revolve around him. He is such a good sport:). My brothers call him Uncle Ricco although he goes by many names some of which I will not write:) I value his opinion in all things so when I had trouble thinking of a blog name I asked him and his first response was Livin la vida Ricco. Jen and I had a good hard laugh about it and decided it had a ring to it so it's stickin for awhile. Even though the title sounds like it's all about Rick (which he would be flattered about I'm sure,) it is about our entire family so hopefully you will find it entertaining. I promise to keep it crazy and funny and kooky just like our family. So enjoy!

My Friend flew in from Georgia just to help me start up my Blog!!! JK :)

Jen and Dakota. New buds!
My childhood best friend came to visit me. Here we are doing the dishes at my Parent's after dinner. Something you prob never would have seen us do together as teenagers! We've come a long way Baby!

Jen took cute shots of my girls before church. We like the silly ones;)
Like I said we like the silly ones best;) Michaela, Missy, Rick, Jen Casey and Tammy at the folks Sunday night
Feeling a little uncomfortable Jen? Shouldn't you have a dog on your lap about now? Haha (inside joke);)
Jen with My folks and my kids. We had a blast watching old home videos featuring the Fowler's, Haroldsen's and Bell's that night. Lots of laughter!