Tuesday, February 24, 2009

14 years and still going STRONG!!!!

We sure do make a great team you and I.....I have enjoyed what we have accomplished together this past 14 years. We have lived the poor happy life together; We have worked our butts off side by side together; We created 4 beautiful girls together; We have mourned the loss of 2 parents together; We have struggled through and worked out our differences together; We have supported eachother; fought with eachother; loved eachother; We have thankfully always have had the same goals and the same ideas on how to achieve those goals; We can laugh and tease eachother; We have been blessed in many ways and both can appreciate and recognize from whence those blessings came from; We have learned and grown from eachother and continue too; I love you just the way you are, Kooky and funny and charming, yet strong and spiritual, and knowledgable. I'm grateful you love me just the way I am. Thankyou for ALWAYS respecting me and for working so hard to make sure I'm always happy and for always putting my happiness before yours. I look forward to what our future brings. I know the road won't be easy, and I realize we are heading into tougher times, but I know we can handle it together. Thank you for having faults, because if you didn't I would feel like a real shmuck:) although your faults are still miniscule compared to all the wonderful, crazy, amazing, incredible, and always surprising new things that make you what you are. You know you have been my "rock" and "anchor" and "beacon" several times throughout the years, and I am always grateful for your desire to take your role seriously as my Eternal Partner to make sure I'm in a good place Spiritually and mentally. Thank you for being so involved with your daughters lives and for being even a better Mom than me most the time;) I love you and I hope the next 14 years don't go by nearly as fast as this last 14......That'll put us at 48 and 49! Geez! Well we'll be Grandparents by then and I hear that's even more fun than being parents so look at all the fun ahead of us! WooHoo!!!!!! Happy Anniversary!