Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who needs boys when you have girls like these?

So the other day, I'm doing dishes and from the other room Rick says..."OH MY GOSH" to which I reply,..."WHAT!!!" thinking, (great what has Dakota destroyed now) HE says, "You gotta come see this," to which I reply, " I don't want to see it", He says, "NO you REALLY, gotta come see this!" So I go into the living room where he is standing looking out the front window and this is what we see!!!
So proud of our little sharpshooter
Where did we go wrong????????

Of course we were laughing when we saw it....Who wouldn't? Well maybe my Mother, who was horrified when I told her the story....Hey Mom! Rick will take you hunting next time he goes out and you can finally discover how you end up getting those yummy roasts you enjoy for sunday dinner ;) ;)

Camping at the St. Joe,

Over Memorial weekend we had the priviledge of gowing camping/whitewater rafting with some friends at the St. Joe River. We enjoyed many activities there but I don't have any pictures of us rafting because Rick didn't want to go get the camera and take pictures of me and the kids going down the river...(ya I know, nice guy) needless to say they were some serious rapids and cold cold water and it was a blast...Rick got his payback however when on the last day Our friends Dad-river guide, took us on a run with class 5 rapids and Rick ended up getting hit in the leg by a huge tree that was hanging over the river....He's okay and healed pretty quickly but we still don't have rafting pictures:( :( Here's some pictures of other activities from camp though...
BJ, Rick, and Brett Gatten enjoyed a really long uphill bikeride up the logging road to an amazing viewpoint
us girls took the easier way up the logging road
The kids spent alot of time around the fire carving sticks
At least we got a picture of the little kids before they went down the Kid cute!