Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who needs boys when you have girls like these?

So the other day, I'm doing dishes and from the other room Rick says..."OH MY GOSH" to which I reply,..."WHAT!!!" thinking, (great what has Dakota destroyed now) HE says, "You gotta come see this," to which I reply, " I don't want to see it", He says, "NO you REALLY, gotta come see this!" So I go into the living room where he is standing looking out the front window and this is what we see!!!
So proud of our little sharpshooter
Where did we go wrong????????

Of course we were laughing when we saw it....Who wouldn't? Well maybe my Mother, who was horrified when I told her the story....Hey Mom! Rick will take you hunting next time he goes out and you can finally discover how you end up getting those yummy roasts you enjoy for sunday dinner ;) ;)


  1. That is soooo funny! I almost peed my pants!

  2. hey! that's the doll i gave Dakota! I thought she would play mommy, not hunter. :D

    (the first comment was my Mom's)

  3. Jay and I read this together. We both died. He only hopes that his SON will do the same. I would prefer if it wasn't allie's dolls though. that might be like a flashback of toystory and the little boy Syd. Anyway. Awesome.

  4. That is so funny Missy! Did the gun have bullets? Do your girls really know how to shoot? I need details!

  5. This is seriously funny! I guess what is running through my head right now is, did they get that from their mom or their dad? Tough question... still figuring it out:-)

  6. answer the questions....This was a BB gun, so not that hardcore, safe for the property...and they came up with this on their own, but I'm thinking they gathered inspiration from their little friend Wyatt Gatten who likes to shoot everything! ;)...It cracked us up cuz We were in just as much shock as all you! Oh and Tonya Madi was on a shooting team this past year and came in 1st place in her team of boys and girls so ya she is a very good shooter and is a good instructors to her sisters too apparantly;)

  7. Missy,
    I showed my boys the picture and they laughed!!!
    They love to go shooting and asked Rosie if they could use her doll and a target. She of course yelled back, HECK NO!!!

  8. That is frieking hilarious. And awesome. :)

  9. Missy, I loved your story! "You might be a red neck if...."!
    Valaney :)