Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today is the first day of Three+ months of trying to keep sane as all my kids are home all day everyday...While others around me are making their summer vacation plans, whether it be many camping trips, or amazing extended vacations to far off places, as well as others looking forward to many hours of fun at Silverwood with their Season passes , not to mention those that live in town who have memberships at the new Kroc center, or are close to all the fun parks and lakes in town, and those that have boats to spend hours on the lake as the sun heats down on us, For all of these people the thought of the next three months are probably pretty exciting!....My thoughts on the next three months are more feelings of dread, and "am I going to survive this?" We have absolutely no plans to travel or even camp for that matter,,,no season passes, no memberships at fancy clubs, no parks nearby (except for Farragut), no Boat, and no money (I'm sure I speak for many here). However, we do have a very large yard that will need mowing twice a week, A garden that will be requiring weeding, lots of laundry and dishes and cleaning weekly, and animals to care for....My girls WILL be busy,,,, so busy that after this summer I'm sure they will be begging us to move back to the neighborhood.....I told Rick that if things get worse in this economy, We could put both our houses up for sale and see which one sells first to determine where we are supposed to live....Just put it in God's hands I guess...He didn't oppose to the idea,,,,it's good to have options;) either way, Have fun playing this summer everyone! We plan on working but maybe we shall see you at the lake from time to time:)


  1. Missy,
    I couldn't help but laugh..... I know how you feel. Aaron' s busiest time of the year is always summer, so things are kinda boring in the summer. We do go camping and hang out by the lake but no BIG vacations!! Maybe you could make a trip to Oregon???? We would love to see you and your family. Terri

  2. I told Rick I might just have to take a few days and do that without him this summer! It would be so fun to see all of you!!!

  3. Hard economic times. See you at the FREE beach! :)